Your Pharmacy, Personalized.

divvyDOSE is a full-service pharmacy. We deliver your prescriptions, vitamins, and OTCs once a month, in pre-sorted, customized packs.

Customize your medication routine

Easy To Switch

Enroll online or over the
phone. We always have real
people waiting to help you.

Transfer & Manage Prescriptions

We’ll transfer your prescriptions,
OTCs, and vitamins. We’ll also
handle your future refills.

divvyDOSE Delivery is Free!

Delivery is free, you only pay
your co-pays. We work with
most insurance companies.


The end of pillboxes and filling baggies.

A Pharmacy Built to Make Your Life Easier

Pharmacist Available 24/7

Our trusted pharmacists
are available 24
hours a day.

Delivery to Your Doorstep

Delivered once a month, your
custom box includes prescriptions,
OTCs, and supplements.

Everything You Need

Nothing You Don’t

We understand that your health is important. Unlike other outlets for medications, we do not carry unhealthy items.

Got More Questions?

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