Medications are confusing.
Let us make it simple.

4 Easy Steps

  • 1. You sign up online or by phone
  • 2. We transfer your prescriptions
  • 3. We build & deliver your divvyDOSE
  • 4. You live healthier & happier

What You Get


Pills sorted into individual packs.

Customers receive a personalized roll of pre-sorted medications, with clearly marked dates and times. These packs will also contain any vitamins and OTC medications they select to include.


Pocket-sized medication list.

Your divvyCARD contains your current list of medications and dosages. Carried in your wallet or purse, you can now simply hand your medical professional an updated and accurate medication list, saving everyone time.


Detailed Medication List

With this divvyLABEL, we list each of your medications, dosages, and directions alongside a picture of the pill. No more wondering if you are taking the right thing.


We manage your prescription refills.

We keep track of your medications by proactively contacting your prescriber to get an authorization for refills well before you run out, avoiding harmful interruptions.


Your copay stays the same.

Your copays remain about the same as your 30-day fill prices. Delivery and all other services are free. We accept all major insurance plans.

Free Delivery

Convenient Doorstep Delivery.

We never charge for delivery, so there’s never additional fees sneaking up on you. Our delivery is always free.


We answer our phones, 24/7.

You’re important to us, so we are here for you 24/7. E-mail, call, or chat with a pharmacist or customer happiness expert whenever you need us.

What’s In Your divvyBOX?